Day 23 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 23 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “Who is the best couple?”  Obviously, if you know me at all you know I am going to pick Yoon Eun Hye as Go Eun Chan and Gong Yoo as Choi Han Kyul in Coffee Prince.  This is one of the aspects of this drama that really sucks you in.  Both Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo are so amazing at acting that you really feel like they are utterly and totally in love with each other.  It is also a cute combination because they definitely do not look like a couple you would expect.  They have the whole rich eligible bachelor with poor girl thing that so often happens in kdramas, however, Go Eun Chan is not just a poor girl, she looks like a boy and is okay with that because it’s who she is, and she is one of the most incredibly quirky characters I have ever seen on a drama.  So here you have this rich incredibly handsome guy who could have anyone, and he falls in love with this young eccentric girl who looks like a boy and personality wise fits right in with the boys as well.  And not only is he in love with her, he is so in love with her that he decides to be with her even though he thinks she is a boy and he will have to admit to himself and the world that he is gay.  I mean, how lucky is she that he loves her that much?  Their interaction is so freaking amazing in this drama.  The cute playfulness, the passionate fights and make ups.  They hands down have the hottest most steamy kisses of any drama (What is it about YEH?  She has a lot of really hot kisses in dramas.  I think actors just go crazy over her lol).  Anyway, I could go on forever, but if you haven’t seen it, just take my word for it that this couple is dynamite and stands out from most of the rest of couples in kdramas.  WATCH COFFEE PRINCE IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT!!!!


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