Day 20 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 20 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “Who do you think is the worst actor?”  Well, this is really hard for me, because as I said, I do not speak Korean and cannot hear their pronunciation and inflection.   Most of the guys I have seen in kdramas have been at least descent actors (at least that I’ve perceived).  So I’ve decided to kind of cheat and go with every English speaking actor I have ever seen on a kdrama.  Where do they dig these people up?  They must pay very little and be very desperate for actors because all of the American/European English speaking actors are terrible lol.  I am watching The King 2 Hearts right now and it is killing me :P.  I watched “Tamra Island”  (which was a stupid drama with an annoying lead actress lol) and it had this white actor on there as the male second lead and he was supposed to be British but he was obviously like German or Dutch or something based on his terrible version of a British accent lol.  He was also generally just a bad actor, but somewhat better than most of the other white actors I’ve seen.  Anyway, so there you have it,  that’s all I could think of lol.


4 thoughts on “Day 20 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

  1. I can’t go with worst actor – because I can’t recall any actor who truly is horrible; but can we go with most all around annoying (side) actor? The guy who plays Da Ran’s dad in Big. Ok, so he’s not horrible, but he is in just about every other show, and he has the most obnoxious laugh I’ve ever heard. He was the evil dad in Personal Taste, where he must have perfected the “how can I make the audience truly hate me just by laughing” technique. It’s soulless, and makes my bones rattle, and I’ve been so traumatized by it that anytime I see him, or hear him speak, or laugh for more than half a second, I just want to roll up in a ball and stuff my ears with ear plugs and beg mommy to make the bad man go away.. Haha, seriously.

  2. What was up with Tamra, the Island? Could they not in the whole of the world find a guy who could act, as well as speak both English and Korean? The show’s second lead saved it for me, though—I’m a sucker for those Joseon scholar types 😉

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