Day 19 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 19 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “Who do you think is the best actor?”  Well I cannot claim to be an expert since I do not speak Korean, so I can’t judge their pronunciation or inflection, however I know who captures my attention the most with their facial expressions and the emotions that they convey so well despite the language barrier.  For me, I have two men that come to mind first and that’s Jang Geun Suk and Gong Yoo.

First I will talk about Jang Geun Suk.  Though only one of his dramas made one my top 10 list (Mary Stayed Out All Night), and all of the others he was in were just okay for me,  I have to say that he himself is why I even finished watching any of those dramas.  He just has a certain magnetism about him where I just can’t stop watching him.  And he is not really the type I would normally be attracted to, he’s too small, skinny and lanky, and pretty for my normal taste.  I am not a really tiny woman so I generally am more attracted to big burly men who make me feel more feminine lol.  However, something about his demeanor, the way he talks, and the expressions he makes with his face just draws me in and I find myself being attracted to him despite myself lol.  I first saw him in “You’re Beautiful,” which I watched mainly because it is so popular.  It was entertaining enough, but I was not overly impressed with the drama as a whole, but I could not stop laughing at the way Jang Geun Suk portrayed his character.  He did this weird thing with his lips when he was frustrated or trying to solve a problem that really cracked me up.  He definitely made that character take on a life of its own.  After that I had to watch all of his dramas, just to see him do his thing if nothing else ha ha :P.  He also has a really beautiful voice and I love that they always have him sing in his dramas.  I am waiting on him to drop all these simple predictable dramas and take on a really awesome project in the future.  I hope it happens!!


You guys who have been following me have all hear me go on and on about Coffee Prince.  This is where I first fell in love with Gong Yoo as an actor.  It’s funny because I was just discussing with a fellow blogger about how when I first saw Gong Yoo at the beginning of Coffee Prince I thought he had kind of an awkward face (though his body is AMAZING… :P).  But he is just so ridiculously charismatic and charming that after just 2 or 3 episodes he had me thinking he was the mos beautiful man on the planet lol.  And that’s really what it boils down to with him, he his a purely charismatic individual that you cannot stop watching.  He makes all of his interactions look so natural and believable, it never appears forced to me.  He has the funniest and most energetic facial expressions I think I have ever seen, and this really comes through in Big.  Some people criticize that he is overacting on Big, I definitely disagree.  I think he knows how to make Kyung Joon’s chacracter lively and interesting (I’m sorry but way more interesting than the young actor made him), and he has made him distinctly different form Yoon Jae’s character, which is very important since they are body swapping lol.  There is no way I would have stuck with Big and watched it all the way through if the boring kid had played Kyung Joon the whole time.  It would have been just another drama with a portrayal of a high schooler with a “too cool for school” attitude.  He has helped to make this drama stand out.  Anyway, I will stop chasing that rabbit and just say that I never get tired of watching Gong Yoo and I hope to see him play many great characters in the future.



4 thoughts on “Day 19 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

  1. Clearly, I’m insanely on board with the Gong Yoo love—I hope he does doesn’t leave dramaland in favor of movies, because I really need my weekly fix =X

    Have you watched Jang Geun Suk in Hwang Jin Yi? (It’s available over at Dramafever, if not.) I wasn’t a big fan of him in You’re Beautiful, but in sageuk clothes and a tragic love affair and I saw the appeal.

    • No I have not seen Hwang Jin Yi yet, but I will get to it. I just see a lot of potential in him though I haven’t been crazy about his choice in dramas (at least the ones I’ve seen with him in them thus far). You have to admit he’s got the cutest dang smile. I think that’s what makes him oddly attractive to me even though he is nowhere near my normal type.

  2. Gong Yoo – for all of the many above listed reasons; I will also list him, because he made Biscuit Teacher/Hello My Teacher completely awesome.
    Hyun Bin – for Secret Garden/Kim Sam Soon, and because there’s something about his face that isn’t quite as good looking as most other actors these days, but because inspite of all that, I still adore him.
    Lee Joon Hyuk – for City Hunter; because that drama would have been nothing without my adored prosecutor; he was also a charming side-character addition to City Hall, siigh.
    Bae Soo Bin (my wildcard): for 49 Days, and Shining Inheritance; because he is spectacularly good looking, and as a 2nd male lead (with not always the best of intentions), he is still capable of completely stealing my heart.

  3. Gong Yoo is also my all time favorite Korean actor! He makes me laugh and cry more than any other guy. But I have to disagree about the kid who played the younger version of his character on Big. At first he annoyed me a bit, but he grew on me quickly. I would have enjoyed seeing more of him, and if he ever gets a larger role, I’d be willing to watch that. I keep wishing that Gong Yoo could magically speak English well enough to be in an American movie. I think he’d be an instant success.

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