Big Episode 7-Food for Thought…

So usually I get incredibly annoyed by the random commentors on the Viki website while I am watching Big. However, for once someone said something interesting that made me stop and go “Oh wow, what if that is what’s going on…” I have said from the beginning that Yoon Jae loved Da Ran, and it was once again even more confirmed on this episode with the discovery of the engagement ring that he had bought not for b*tch doctor lady, but for Da Ran. Also, b*tch doctor lady even admitted that he had never indicated that he had feelings towards her, only that he for some reason was wavering about marrying Da Ran. And then a commeter said something I hadn’t thought of, “What if he was dying and didn’t want her to go through that?” Now we really haven’t seen anything that would solidly back this up, but we do know he definitely looked depressed and worried about something in the first episode. There was obviously something he was hiding from Da Ran, but I never got the feeling that it was something he did wrong, rather something beyond his control. They also indicated that he was going to America for something, I think possibly to find his brother who many suspect is Kyung Joon. Maybe he wanted to find his brother because he is dying? I’m not sure about this, but I felt it was an interesting thought and warranted speculation and consideration. So if you have an opinion I’d like to hear it. Share your thoughts!! At least we know we have another episode on Wednesday that might lead us further in the right direction to solving this mystery called Yoon Jae lol.


4 thoughts on “Big Episode 7-Food for Thought…

    • Thanks for posting this, it was definitely a very interesting read!! I think he/she(I don’t know lol) is definitely onto something with the donor theory, though other than that I can’t tell what direction the show is heading as far as whether or not they will both live or Yoon Jae will have to sacrifice his life or what (though because it is a kdrama after all, I feel someone will have to make a big sacrifice, most likely Yoon Jae since he is the second lead).

  1. This is actually an interesting theory. When Yoon Jae decided to swim down instead of up to save Kyung Joon, maybe the deciding factor was that he knew he was going to die anyway…so why not try to save the kid instead of himself? (Or maybe he’s just a super nice guy.)

    Even the ring doesn’t totally convince me that Yoon Jae really loved Da Ran: He didn’t give it to her, after all, and he probably didn’t have it on him at the time of the accident. Even when Yoon Jae held her hand in the flashback with his mom, the expression on his face could have meant anything. Which is why this drama is so frustrating and awesome.

    • It definitely is possible that he maybe doesn’t love her, but I think I just want him to and am having an optimistic view of all of the flashbacks. Either way the show continues to be interesting and keep us guessing for sure!! I definitely think there is something to the idea that he is sick and needed and/or still needs Kyung Joon’s medical assistance.

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