LOL The King 2 Hearts is Cracking Me Up :D

So two things in episode 14 of The King 2 Hearts had me dying laughing.  The first, even though it was supposed to be serious, it was just such and odd analogy for 2 very grown men in a very intense conversation to make.

John Mayer-“Why do you follow the king, he is so incorrigible” Shi Kyung-“You better watch your words about the king-” John Mayer-“Is it because you hope to catch some of the crumbles from his cookie?  Come to me, I will make it worth your while, I have a lot of cookies.”  Shi Kyung-“I’m sorry, but I don’t eat rotten cookies.”

LMAO!!!  Okay does anyone else’s mind go to dirty places when you read those lines?  Come on I know I’m not the only person that is thinking it sounds like a giant inuendo.

Anyway, the second thing that had me laughing was the American soldiers in the WOC competition that were trying to figure out how to get the key from the person who swallowed it and therefore were discussing whether or not Asians butts natrually open up when they die.  I’m sorry, it was just such an awkward conversation lol.  And it really depicted Americans as being ignorant, racist, idiots.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not offended, because as much as I hate it, it is very true of a lot of American military men.  A lot of men that go into the military are Southern “country fried” boys, because that is part of Southern culture.  They are very patriotic and proud of their military men.  However, along with being Southern unfortunately comes a lot of bias and racism.  I would know, I grew up in the panhandle of Florida in a small rural town, and that’s what I was constantly surrounded by, and most of them are at least somewhat racist towards Asians.  But I do feel the need to say this, NOT ALL AMERICANS ARE IGNORANT RACISTS I PROMISE!!!  😛  Ha ha I just had to say it.

Okay I lied, one more thing.  What’s up with the guy on the American team who is clearly not American, but European?  His accent is really obvious.  IT’S A SPY!!!  J/k  😀


4 thoughts on “LOL The King 2 Hearts is Cracking Me Up :D

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying King 2 Hearts, it has been one of my favourites this year. It’s funny, because at the time this aired, that key scene with the US soldier was really contentious for on the Dramabeans thread- I can’t say was impressed by it at all! But I guess that’s what happens when you rely on terrible foreign ‘actors’ some of whom aren’t even the nationality they’re supposed to be. If you watch the next episode, though, weirdly you don’t get the vibe they’re supposed to be racist soldiers! I’m guessing something (a lot) got lost in translation and bad, bad acting…

    • I mean even if they were supposed to be portrayed as racists, there is some truth in that, because as I was saying, people form the Southern region of the U.S. tend to be very racist, not just towards Asians, but a lot of different races. It’s unfortunate really. And many men from the Southern region do go into the military. But one thing about the U.S. is that it is “the melting pot” and there really are people of all races, religions, and backgrounds here. So although there are still some places where racism is part of the culture, there are more people who are not racist than are. But because I know there is some truth in it, I wasn’t offended, and I don’t think other people should get super upset by it. I mean heck we portray our own soldiers as racist in a lot of movies. It’s all for entertainment purposes, and they do not make kdramas with the primary intent to sell to Americans, but to sell to Asians. But as you said, it may have been just the terrible acting. Who knows? I wonder where they dig those people up? Are there really that few Americans in Korea that they can’t find enough American men to make a small team of soldiers on a drama without having to pass a random European off as one lol? I dunno, I really just thought the whole thing was funny.

  2. My thing with it mainly, wasn’t that it’s not possible, just that when you have a show from a Korean perspective for a Korean audience, you’re treading some rather dangerous territory of being equally as bigoted as the people you’re portraying. However, I thought it was more confusing than offensive, especially because I honestly don’t think they meant for it to sound that racist (from the subs and later in episode 15). But yeah, it really ended up being nothing.

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