Day 18 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 18 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “What is the worst drama you’ve finished?”  Well there are 2 dramas that come to mind that I have managed to stick through, but was never a fan of.  The first of those being Boys Before Flowers. *GASP*  I know, I know it’s a crowd favorite, but it was too geared towards the teenage mentality for me.  It was a little too over the top and full of unnecessary angst and generally ridiculous characters.  And come on people, what was up with Joon Pyo’s hair?  Who was he supposed to be, Shirley Temple?  I mean I don’t mind guys being well dressed and clean and all of that, but when you start doing crazy stuff like putting silly girly curls in your hair and wearing excessive amounts of foundation and lip gloss I start to be not so attracted to you anymore.  I don’t know, I just couldn’t figure out who was more of a damsel in distress, Jan Di or Joon Pyo? 😀

The other drama I have finished, but was really not too big a fan of at all was Cinderella’s Sister.  It really made me want to go jump off a bridge and kill myself.  It wins my award for most depressing drama.  I mean I swear they could cut out the last 5 episodes because all people do is cry in them.  And Seo Woo, bless her soul has the most annoyingly whiny voice I have ever heard.  I just want to put duct tape over her mouth every time she speaks.  Her character was so ridiculously obnoxious.  I mean good God she was like 18, but acted like a  5-year-old baby all the time.  She didn’t do anything but cry and throw tantrums all the time to try and get what she wanted.  And she always acted so helpless and pitiful, like she was the baby and didn’t know how to do anything on her own.  As much as I love Moon Geun Young, I did not like this drama.


10 thoughts on “Day 18 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

  1. I’ll second your Boys Over Flowers, but I never actually finished watching it. Of dramas I HAVE labored through: My Princess (because it’s just boring as hell – and the girl annoyed me with her overly all the time bubbliness); annnnnd Coffee House (need I say more?)

  2. Mmm, I’m watching boy over flowers right now. And yeah, most things are so exegarated and juvenile( come, where’s the communication!) but I still think it’s fun to watch. I watched the anime and then I watched the Japanese drama and this version and it’s just fun to figure out the differences =)
    But I still think the anime is the best version and after that the Japanese one.

    I also watched two episodes of the Chinese version but that one is just terrible! Never seen a drama worse than that one!

    • A lot of people do enjoy it, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I have heard that the Japanese version is better. I am learning though that I have a little bit different taste than a lot of other people lol. For instance, a lot of people didn’t like Mary Stayed Out All Night, and I may be one of the only people who loves Myung Wol the Spy ha ha. Oh well, it makes the world interesting for everyone to like different things.

      • Well, I think I just enjoy it because I keep comparing it to other versions I’ve seen ;p But I do think it is a bit juvenile and unrealistic haha.

        Usually I like to watch historic dramas like Queen Seon Deok or something like Hotaru no Hikari. I also like to watch sports drama sometimes or something with an unsual or mature plot. I watched one drama and it was about a woman with breastcancer.

        So I like all kinds of things but it should be realistic and have a good plot =)

      • Well sometimes I do like unrealistic dramas for comedic reasons. If it is a funny drama, I am okay with it being crazy and over the top, but if it is meant to be serious and everything is overboard and ridiculous I have a harder time with it. I haven’t watched too many sports dramas, but I did see Birdie Buddy and it was pretty good.

      • You should watch Pride, it’s about hockey and also has enough romance and humor.

        I remember watching a basketball drama but I can’t rember the name. I think it was an old one. And there’s one about a kickboxer who falls in love with a nun. I think it’s called 100pounds gospel. But I never finished it

      • Not sure if I would still like it now but back then I really liked it. I found the idea of a strict nun and a dumb kickboxer falling in love great! Not to mention the kickboxing scenes.

  3. Boys Over Flowers was the first Korean drama I ever watched. Our Korean foreign exchange student told me it was the best one to start with. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first because it was so unrealistic in a lot of ways. I was rolling my eyes from the first episode where that little bitty slip of a girl supposedly caught that guy who jumped off the roof. But there’s just something about that show. It ended up being the only one, out of the 30 or more I’ve watched, that I watched twice. Granted, the second time I watched it using fast forward to skip to the good scenes, but still I devoted a few hours to reminiscing. I remember thinking Kim Hyun Joong was a good actor the first time, and not so much the second time I watched it, and vice versa for Lee Min Ho. Do you know if there are any movies or shows with Kim Bum as the main character? He’s pretty adorable.

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