The King 2 Hearts, much more unique than I was expecting!!

So I started watching The King 2 Hearts yesterday morning.  I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I ended up watching a marathon of it all day and have at this point already finished 11 episodes.  I know that’s ridiculous!!  Lol, anyway I was kind of expecting it to be just another typical prince meets poor girl drama (let’s face it, the name doesn’t give us much hope, I mean really who decided The King 2 Hearts was a good name?).  However, it definitely has its own unique qualities and I have to say it has been very entertaining and worth the watch so far.  It reminds me a little of Myung Wol the Spy in that it is a starcrossed North Korean and South Korean lovers story.  She is a North Korean Special Ops agent, and he is the spoiled young South Korean prince.  However, other than that it is totally different from Myung Wol.  I made it through 8 episodes before it dawned on me that in this drama there is not male second lead, and no female second lead, no love triangle!!  Surprising right?  However, this drama has such a great plot that they did not need to lean on the love triangle approach to keep it interesting.  Also, the villain in this drama is straight up terrifying,  That actor deserves an award for what an amazing job he does at playing an insane person.  He is no joke!!  Anyway, I will post a recommendation/summary when I am finished watching this drama, but if you have time and are so inclined give it a watch, it is totally worth it!


3 thoughts on “The King 2 Hearts, much more unique than I was expecting!!

  1. I recently started to watch this drama to but on tv so i’m like in ep 6 now and next week i’ll be starting ep 7 and i’m not surprised there wont be a love triangle i’m kinda calling it right now that the bodyguard guy is gonna have something with the princess but since by accident I read that he dies on one of your posts, not sure how i’m going to handle that when i get to that part, i guess not anymore. But this drama is a bit different than the usual ones and im really enjoying reading your blog ^^

    • Ahhh sorry that I ruined that for you!! That’s why I put spoiler alert in the title lol. The King 2 Hearts was a really well written drama, very unique from a lot of other dramas I’ve watched. Thanks for the compliment, I have to vent about my obsession somewhere lol 😛

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