Day 16 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 16 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “What is a Kdrama you started, but cannot finish?”  There are only 3 kdramas that I have started and not been able to finish, and most people will probably be shocked at 2 of them.  The first kdrama I started but never finished was “Full House.”  I know that many people love this drama, but it did not capture my attention at the time I was watching it.  I only made it through 2 episodes.  The next kdrama that I started and could not finish was “Shut Up and Let’s Go.”  I also made it through 2 episodes of this drama before realizing it just had a really bad storyline and there were just too many people, too much going on, I don’t know I just didn’t like it at all.  Maybe it got better later on, but I couldn’t handle it.  The last kdrama I have started but not finished is *gasp*…. “Queen Inhyun’s Man.”  I made it through 7 episodes and was still not really drawn in.  I have heard tons of people ranting and raving over this drama so I just had really high expectations going into watching it, and it just wasn’t turning out to be all that different from other kdramas aside from having the time travel aspect.  I think if I hadn’t had these high expectations going in and had not just finished watching Rooftop Prince (which I LOVED) and was not currently watching Big (which has been phenomenal thus far and jam packed with excitement and suspense), I probably would liked this drama a lot more.  I think I am going to wait and go back and watch it again later on and see if I like it better then.  I did the same with Shining Inheritance and really enjoyed it the second time I started to watch it.  Sometimes it’s all about the timing and how you are feeling at the moment.  I also plan to go back and try to re-watch “Full House” at some point.  However, I’m not so sure that “Shut Up And Let’s Go” warrants another watch, I was just really turned off by the characters in that drama.  Oh well every drama isn’t for everyone I suppose…

Queen Inhyun’s Man

Shut Up and Let’s Go

Full House




9 thoughts on “Day 16 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

  1. I think we might actually share a brain 😉 I also wasn’t that crazy about QIhM until the very end. And I applaud you for making it through even one episode of Full House. After like 15 minutes of the first episode, I realized that show and I were not meant to be together and never looked back. Stupid lead girl, annoying lead, horrifying friends.

    I also didn’t like the first two episodes of Shut Up, but stuck around—and was so glad I did. It’s a grittier, more real-life take on the Kpop teen dream. If you’re ever bored, you might give it another shot. I swear it gets better.

    • Haha that is funny that we both don’t like QIhM (well you said until the end anyway) and Full House, because those are both so popular. I will try watching Shut Up and Let’s Go again, because I trust your opinion, I just couldn’t connect with the characters in the beginning, and couldn’t quite figure out where the storyline was besides a bunch of rock idol wannabes running around doing whatever they want lol. I guess the plot must pick up after the 2nd episode. Most of the time I can make it through dramas even if I’m not crazy about them, but I just decided to let those go because there were other dramas I really wanted to watch. I will admit I almost didn’t make it through BOF, but persevered in the end lol. I thought I was going to jump out a window before I finished Cinderella’s Sister lol, for some reason I just kept hoping it would get better but it didn’t, after that drama I’ve decided that if it’s that much torture to finish it, I’m not going to right then, I will take a break and decide if I am going to go back and try again later.

  2. No, don’t ever bother finishing Full House! If you’ve seen one episode of that, you’ve seen them all. Right until the end it’s tedious and repetitive. Although admittedly this suffered in my estimation a lot, because I had just seen ‘My Name is Kim Samsoon’.

    I’ve been wanting to see QIHM because of the great reviews everywhere, but now some less enthusiastic responses are coming out, now I’m not sure. Probably I’ll get around to it when I’m sick at home one day or something.

    • I don’t QIHM is horrible, it just wasn’t good compared to the dramas I watched before it and Big, which I was watching (and am still watching) at the same time, which made it seem really dull. And I was just so in love with Rooftop Prince and I read all these reviews saying they liked it better and then I watched like 8 episodes and was like “When does it get better?” In my opinion it is not better than Rooftop Prince, but they are very different.

  3. Want a secret to finishing dramas like Full House? Fast forward every 30 seconds-1 minute.. Just to make sure you don’t miss a *shock* drama-laden scene. I do this with a lot of dramas that I don’t want to quit on. I feel like I might possibily miss something great if I don’t finish. For instance, Full House, My Princess, Personal Taste, Winter Sonata, and even My Girl and Goong all suffered from the fast-forward treatment. Anyways, most of the time you don’t miss anything, but it still feels like you’ve “finished”. And, you can watch a whole episode in essentially 20 minutes. Now if that isn’t Kdrama magic, I don’t know what is! 😀

  4. Full house may have been boring but it had one of the best I love you speeches ever here: As much as the entire universe exploding, as much as the water in every ocean drying, with my spirit burst, as much as it spreads outward… I love you very much.” – Young Jae

  5. Full House was only so-so and definitely could withstand the fast-forwarding method, which I also use on the ones that aren’t really worth 16 hours of my time to watch. However, I just finished “Shut Up and Let’s Go” yesterday and even though I was horrified at how they ended the second episode, it really got better. I loved it. I laughed, cried and cheered my way through the rest of it. It wasn’t the best ever made, but I think it’s one of the ones I won’t be able to forget.

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