Why Kdramas Make Me Feel Fat…

Okay, so am I the only one that feels like a blubbery walrus when watching these perfectly petite Korean actresses look so darn good in everything they wear?  The funny thing too is that so many of them are depicted as big eaters.  Example, Go Eun Chan in Coffee Prince eats anything and everything in sight and can out do men in eating contests, and is still perfectly thin.  Though I know this is fantasy and there is no possible way Yoon Eun Hye eats like that in real life, it still makes me envious lol.  And then there’s always the scenes where the guy gets all worried because the girl is depressed and hasn’t been eating and he comments that she is “losing weight,” and I’m always like “from where!?!” lol.  And then there’s My Lovely Sam Soon where he tells her that she already looks pregnant and I’m like “Seriously?  She just looks normal to me…”  By American standards, I am an averaged sized woman.  Not too overweight, but not particularly thin, just average.  And this would not bother me except that I run anywhere from 9 to 20 miles (14.4 km to 32.1 km) per week and walk or use the elliptical on the days that I don’t run.  I just ran my first half marathon in February, that’s a little over 13 miles people (a little over 21 km)!!  I can run that distance without stopping and these Korean women are still so much thinner than me!!  Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong country with the wrong set of genes lol.  But I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, I am alive, healthy, and able to run my butt off, even if I will never be small 😛


7 thoughts on “Why Kdramas Make Me Feel Fat…

  1. Man, trust me Korean women feel the same way. I’m Korean and I work with Korean women, and they’re not all sticks- these celebrities I swear must be perpetually hungry. Fun fact: Yoon Eun Hye pre-Goong & Coffee Prince was more average sized than she is now- (not fat, not super skinny, just average), and she used to be teased about it on shows like X-Man (a Korean variety show) for being an eater. It was part of her ‘character’ on those shows. She was always cool though, really feisty and funny like her characters.

    • Oh I didn’t realize you were Korean, that’s cool!! That makes me feel a little better lol. That it’s not just me or just American women. I guess I just thought that because everyone jokes about how Americans are fat lol. That’s interesting about Yoon Eun Hye, I could tell from clips of interviews of her that she’s very open and feisty like her characters, and I love that about her, but I never knew that she was more average sized before. I’m going to have to look up this X-Man show now lol. Now I think I love her even more. When is she going to come out with a new drama? I miss her!!

  2. Here are a couple of clips if you’re interested:

    Background info: X-man was just a bunch of celebrities & comedians split into two teams- one person would be the ‘x-man’ i.e. mole who did stuff to sabotage their own team. They play a whole bunch of games/challenges, and later they couple up to do some of the challenges, creating some famous fictional ‘love lines’. One the most famous and popular was Yoon Eun Hye & Kim Jong Kook. Unsurprisingly- that girl has chemistry with everyone.

    Anyway here is a clip of Yoon Eun Hye who lost weight during the course of the show (but who was skinny by any normal standards but apparently ‘chubby’ by celebrity ones)- they make fun of her about her eating habits at the start of the first clip. The second clip was one of the show’s most popular segments (Dangyunhaji = ‘of course!’)- the game was you had to insult your partner, and no matter what is said you had to agree with ‘Of Course!

  3. Hahaha I watched these clips and then a bunch of clips of the show on Youtube and it is hysterical :D. Looks like the best job ever!! That’s awesome that they got paid to do that lol. She is no where close to fat at any time during the show that I saw but I guess if you compare her to other skin and bones celebrities she had a little more to her. Still would be considered thin by my standards, and most people’s standards though l think. She’s beautiful no matter what size she is. God she was funny on this show!! I can’t believe how many guys she beat up lol, and she definitely had some good comebacks for sure.

  4. Yeah, I agree she’s always been skinny!! But thinness expectations for female Korean celebs are so whack…

    This is show is absolutely another reason on a really long list of reasons by YEH is so loveable.

  5. I think there are certainly different genes over there, but I also very much agree that we’re looking at the celebrities and not the normal population. A lot of our celebrities are ridiculously tiny too! It’s just easier for us to notice it when we already live amongst our normal population. We don’t in Korea, so we don’t see it.

    But in answer to your post, yes, I definitely feel big when I watch these dramas sometimes! And I’m pretty average. Not much overweight for my height/age, but certainly not a stick! (I used to be though, and maybe that’s why it bothers me more now lol)

    • Well I guess they just seem more petite to me, not just thin. And most Asian women I have ever known in real life were more petite than me. It is true that many of our celebrities are very thin as well, but most of them are not as small boned, and they are usually more muscular and less willowy thin. I think that part is genetics. But I just get frustrated with myself as most women do. But I have never been really thin and I work my butt off to stay an average size. So when I see women who seem so perfectly petite I just get jealous lol. Not everyone is created equally in the size department I suppose.

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