Day 14 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 14 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “What is your favorite kiss?”  Well once again, the scene in Coffee Prince that I described on day 7 was my favorite line from a male lead, favorite “I love you,” and favorite kiss all rolled into one scene.  Another really great one in Coffee Prince is when Eun Chan decides that she is going to sleep with Han Kyul and he is being really dense about understanding what she is trying to tell him, and then it suddenly dawns on him and there is this awkward moment of silence and then he just grabs her and full on attacks her lol.  He picks her up and then slams her up against the door and starts making out with her and then carries her to the bed.  It is pretty steamy, especially for a kdrama!! Lol.  But to be fair and talk about a drama other than Coffee Prince (you guys know I am so biased lol) I will describe another kiss that was a favorite for me.  In episode 8 of Mary Stayed Out All Night Wi Mae Ri and Kang Moo Kyul have been handcuffed together by Moo Kyul’s meddling friends who want him to stop running from his feelings.  Later on they run into some crazy fangirls.  When they see that Moo Kyul is cuffed to Mae Ri, they become very angry towards her.  The two of them then run away and duck in an alley to hide from them. Moo Kyul grabs Mae Ri and hold her close so that they won’t see her face as they pass by.  As he lets go of her he suddenly begins to feel something, being this close to her.  He leans in to try and kiss her but she turns away and begins to cry, telling him that he’s a player and he shouldn’t kiss her if it means nothing to him.  She says that the first time he kissed her when he was just pretending she felt liker her heart would explode.  He looks stunned and says “So you did feel something?” She then says “But you said you didn’t see me as a woman?” and he answers “…you said you didn’t see me as a man…” and she then replies “You told me not to like you…” and he answers “You said you didn’t like me…” Then he just goes for it and starts kissing her, this is not some clean cut typical kdrama kiss where they just press their closed mouths together and the camera rotates around them lol, this is a real opened mouthed kiss 😛 And keep in mind they are still hand cuffed together and in an alley…. it’s pretty damn hot…  Even if you are not a fan of this drama it is worth just watching this kiss scene lol.  God who wouldn’t want to make out with Jang Geun Suk like that?  Anyway before I go too far, I will just post the clip below for you to enjoy and be done. 😀



2 thoughts on “Day 14 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

  1. That’s another great kiss from Coffee Prince! Steamy to be sure… My jaw dropped with that one. I wasn’t expecting such passion from a kdrama!

    As for Mary… well that’s on my to-be-watched list. So I’ll save watching that kiss until I’m in the middle of the series! =)

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