Thoughts on Big Episodes 5 and 6

Well they certainly got us in episode 5 with the big confession from Kyung Joon about his feelings towards Da Ran and then a sudden time jump a year into the future at the end of the episode.  The giant cliffhanger of whether or not it was Kyung Joon or Yoon Jae who had returned was definitely enough to make me slowly die  inside while I waited for episode 6 to air and then be subbed in English.  In episode 5, it still appeared that Da Ran does not have romantic feelings towards Kyung Joon, but in episode 6 it becomes more cloudy as we see her sneaking glances and making sideways stares at him, however after her speech of not wanting to see Yoon Jae’s face anymore and how she reacted when she was unpacking the box of his belongings, it is obvious that she still does have feelings for Yoon Jae.  This makes it difficult to determine whether her admiring stares are because she is seeing Yoon Jae or if she is seeing the soul of Kyung Joon through Yoon Jae’s body.  It’s such a toss up in this drama!!  Kyung Joon does seem that he has matured a bit in the year that he has been away learning to live as Yoon Jae.  However, the really big kicker of the episode was Ma Ri discovering that Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon had switched bodies.  We knew this was going to happen eventually because she’s such a determined Sherlock Holmes in all things related to Kyung Joon.  I have to be honest that I really do like her character.   She is bratty and over the top, but she adds comic relief to the show.  And I honestly feel that her and Kyung Joon are similar in a lot of ways.  Both a little spoiled, both very intelligent, both immature, and both very strong willed.  You can also see that he really does have a lot of affection for her, even if only as a long time childhood friend.  I really hope that now that she knows they don’t make her into one of those crazy, psycho b*tchy “I will do anything including selling my soul to the devil in order to get the guy” female second leads.  That would be very disappointing since she is actually a likable female second lead at the moment.  Yoon Jae’s character is still such a mystery.  The curiosity about him is eating me up inside lol.  It seems that b*tch doctor lady is hot on the trail to finding out that Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae have switched bodies as well.  Ugh, wonder what she’ll do if she finds out?  I hope episode 7 has plenty of surprises and suspense in store for us like previous episodes!!  There was no preview of episode 7 on the website that I watched it on.  Can someone tell me, was there a preview this week or is it one of those weeks that they left it off to be more mysterious?


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Big Episodes 5 and 6

  1. I think she will subject YJ’s body to a lot of tests, trying to help find a “cure” for this thing. Then we’ll get scenes of Gong Yoo on a hospital table with electrodes attached to his abs… ok. I got sidetracked, sorry. 😦

  2. You probably already heard this, but there wasn’t a preview for the next episode at the end of this week’s Big. (I think this often happens because not enough footage has been shot for a clip, which is sort of terrifying, really. These Kdramas really fly by the seat of their pants.) There are translations of the written preview around, though. I can’t wait 🙂

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