Day 13 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 13 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “What is your favorite I love you?”  Well I won’t describe my favorite scene from Coffee Prince again, since I already described it in detail and added a link to the clip for Day 7, which was “What are your favorite lines from a male lead?.”  This is really one of the best “I love yous” of all time, but since I have already used that one, today I will talk about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  This was kind of a fun, cute, and light hearted drama up until episode 14 where things got really crazy, which is where this quote is from.  The whole background behind it is that in order to become human, Dae Woong had to carry Mi Ho’s bead for 100 days (it is a magical bead that is connected to the Gumiho’s life force), but she did not know originally that he would have to die because the bead slowly drains his life.  So in order to save Dae Woong’s life, she had planned to kill herself before the bead could kill him.  When Dae Woong finds out about it he is more than a little upset because he is head over heels in love with her at this point and cannot imagine living in a world without her.  He follows her to the airport where she is trying to leave and then tells her that he wants her to take the bead early and take a chance to see what happens, that this way maybe they both will have a chance to live.  Neither of them knows what will happen, if they will both die, or if they both will live, so before they do it they say this:

Dae-woong: “Mi-ho. I love you. So I won’t die alone for you, and don’t die for me either.”
Mi-ho: “Dae-woong, I love you. I won’t die for you, and don’t do it for me either.”
Dae-woong: “As the person who loves you, this is my decision. Who knows where this will go, but let’s do it together. If we live, we both live. And if we die, we die together.”

Then they kiss as she takes the bead back from him.  It is such a dramatic and powerful scene!!  I cried and cried lol.  Definitely a great “I love you” scene!!



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