Myung Wol the Spy

I watched this drama on Hulu

I really haven’t heard too much about this drama.  I discovered it because Hulu put it on my recommended list, and right Hulu was because I really did enjoy it!!  It was mostly a feel good drama, that had all the predictable elements of a typical kdramedy, but for whatever reason I really did like it.  From the start it had me cracking up because Han Myung Wol’s mission was to eliminate any support for kdramas at all in North Korea.  She was on the “anti-drama squad.”  It was just such a ridiculous job for military personnel to have that I couldn’t help but laugh my butt off at her seriousness about it and the scenes of her raiding the homes of North Koreans while they were watching kdramas.  I think this is where this drama really had me, I love a good laugh.  I felt that the whole drama was really kind of satire of other serious spy dramas, and so it was campy, over the top, and ridiculous, but I loved every second of it!!  I cannot get enough of the kind of humor 😛 It also had its little dramatic moments too, especially towards the end when she had really fallen in love with Kang Woo the Hallyu star, whom she was originally supposed to capture and bring back to Korea.  There was one episode where she was acting in a drama alongside Kang Woo, and their characters were supposed to do one thing, but she got all emotional and made it parallel her life and how she felt at the moment, and it was SUCH a dramatic moment, it actually made me cry even though this wasn’t a very serious drama for the most part.  This drama also had good action sequences and a very likable and attractive male second lead (who I felt super sorry for).  Overall I would definitely recommend this drama to those of you who like really silly humor.  4 out of 5 stars for me!!


Han Myung Wol is a military agent for North Korea.  She went into the military in order to follow in her late father’s footsteps.  She has a strong heart and a willingness to try, but is prone to mistakes and therefore continually fails to make it onto the special forces unit.  She is currently on the anti-drama squad, a group of agents who try to keep kpop and dramas out of North Korea.  In order to prove herself, Myung Wol attempts to take on a mission to obtain an old manuscript that is one of 4 ancient texts that North Korea is trying to obtain.   When she messes up the mission, she decides to attempt to capture Kang Woo, a popular South Korean Hallyu star instead.  The higher ups decide to give her a chance to complete the mission and send two older spies and her commander, Choi Ryu as support. However, the mission becomes compromised as the closer she becomes to Kang Woo and infiltrates the world of kpop, the more she begins to have a change of heart, not only towards South Korean culture, but towards Kang Woo as well…


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