If Twilight Were a Kdrama…

So I was thinking recently, wouldn’t Twilight make a great kdrama?  Of course there would have to be some adjustments to kdramaify it.  When I started thinking of ways it could be altered to fit kdrama world I started cracking up so loudly that my husband was shaking his head at me.  Anyway, here is my idea of Twilight, the kdrama version, and hopefully you guys will laugh with me too 😛


Swan Be La is the poor daughter of a single dad who has had to work herself to death trying to help her father repay the debt he owes to loan sharks. They move to Forks to get away from the loan sharks that are chasing her father.  In Forks she meets Cullen Ed Ward, the rich son and future CEO of a large corporation that builds hospitals.  Upon their first meeting, they bump into each other in the hallway, knocking all of the books and belongings out of each other’s arms.  Unbeknownst to them at the time, they have accidentally switched cell phones.  The next day they exchange the phones, but only after Ed Ward accuses her of purposefully trying to steal his.  Be La is angry and hurt at Ed Ward’s seemingly unfair accusation. She is unaware however, that secretly Ed Ward really likes her but is pushing her away because he has a dark family secret. Though they try to avoid each other,  fate continues to lead them into situations where they run into each other.  Despite efforts by both parties, they begin to fall in love and Ed Ward toils about how to tell Be La his dark secret.  However, through a series of unexpected events Be La figures it out before Ed Ward can tell her, and shocked, she approaches him and reveals that she knows his secret… that he is in fact a vampire.  Be La decides that she loves him regardless of what he is and she wants to try and make the relationship work, however things become complicated when her friend Je Si Ka contnues to make advances at Ed Ward and plots to ruin Be La because of her bitter jealousy over her relationship with Ed Ward.  The son of an old family friend of Be La’s father, Ja Kob also begins to try to steal Be La away from Ed Ward.  As if this weren’t enough,  Ed Ward’s mother also does not approve of their relationship because she thinks that it will put him and their vampire family in danger of being revealed.  Will their love be able to withstand the trials of being an immortal and an immortal, Je Si Ka and Ja Kob’s bitter plotting, and Ed Ward’s mother’s disapproval?  Only time will tell…


14 thoughts on “If Twilight Were a Kdrama…

    • Jacob is such a big and buff guy though, I’d need to pick a tall and big guy for him, which is kind of tough with asians lol. They’re generally just not as big as American men. Maybe all the meat in our diets? lol. Lee Ki Woo is about the tallest and biggest asian actor I have ever seen. Maybe he’d make a good Jacob?

      • How about the swordsman in Rooftop Prince?
        (Hehe btw this article was hilarious. You sound like you’ve read too many press releases from typical kdramas :P)

      • If you watch enough kdramas you know the typical patterns lol. My husband thought I was a looney when I was talking about it and was like “It’s not that funny,” but I told him you couldn’t appreciate it unless you are a true kdrama addict 😛

      • If you watch enough kdramas you know the typical patterns lol. My husband thought I was a looney when I was talking about it and was like “It’s not that funny,” but I told him you couldn’t appreciate it unless you are a true kdrama addict 😛 Oh and were you talking about the Rooftop Prince Swordsman for Jacob? That would be a good fit. He was big and good at playing a brute lol.

  1. I was just thinking this the other day! Twilight has so many aspects of asian dramas. Even down to the, “I know I met you five minutes ago and I’m still in high school but your my soulmate and I’ll die without you”. I’m grateful that I’ve never witnessed any one go as far as trying to drive themselves off a cliff though. So much angst.

    • Yes, it because of all that angst that it would make the perfect kdrama lol. I am going to start a series within the next few days called “If _______ Were a Kdrama” where I do this with a lot of different famous movies, TV shows, and books. There are a lot of them out there that could easily be converted into a kdrama lol.

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