Day 9 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 9 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “What is your favorite dialogue?”  Well there are A LOT of really funny moments in kdramas, and those are generally my favorite.  Coffee Prince has great dialogue between the characters, I particularly love the dialogue between Eun Chan and Min Yeop, they are hysterical.  There is also really great dialogue in The Vineyard Man and Secret Garden.  But because it is fresh in my mind and I was just laughing so hysterically at it the other day.  I’m going to write about the dialogue at the beginning of Big episode 4.  And really that is one of the things that is quickly making this show one of my favorite dramas ever, really if it keeps it up it’s going to be up there with Coffee Prince for me.  Kyung Joon’s character says some of the best lines and Gong Yoo makes some of the best faces ever to go along with those lines in this drama.  Just to give you a little background information first, Da Ran is Kang Kyung Joon’s school teacher, but he has magically switched bodies with her fiance Seo Yoon Jae.  Because Kyung Joon’s body is in a coma, he has been having to play the role of Yoon Jae for a while as best he can with Da Ran’s protection and guidance.  At the beginning of episode 4, Da Ran and Kyung Joon (in Yoon Jae’s body) are sitting on a park bench and he is leaning in to kiss her.  When she does not back away he suddenly backs up and starts saying “Were you really going to kiss me?  Even if you have been craving this man’s body I am a kid inside here and you are a teacher and that could cause a big problem.  You’re an adult, you should know better!” Da Ran replies dreamily, “So this is what the feeling would have been like.  When Yoon Jae comes near me this is what it would have felt like.”  Kyung Joon looks like he is in total shock and says “What? Really?  You haven’t even gone this far (talking about a kiss)?” and Da Ran quickly replies “I did go this far!  But I didn’t get to see.  During that important time I was sleeping.  I spent all night for a school event, but while Yoon Jae went to get coffee I fell asleep.” (During this time it starts to play a flashback of Yoon Jae kissing her in the car while she is asleep)  Right when it happened I woke up because I was so surprised.  But I couldn’t open my eyes!  I was supposed to wake up naturally, but I missed the right time so I didn’t know when to open my eyes.” “So then?” asked Kyung Joon.  “So then I kept my eyes closed until we got home” replied Da ran.  “Why?  Why didn’t I open my eyes that time?  If only I had opened my eyes things would have happened.”  Kyung Joon replies “Don’t be so dissapointed, it could have been a misunderstanding.”  “It was not a misunderstanding” Da Ran insists.  “You didn’t see it you don’t know if it happened” says Kyung Joon.  “All he did was this (taps fingers lightly on his lips) how can you be sure?”  “How can you mistake something like that?” says Da Ran.  “Is Da Ran sleeping?” asks Kyung Joon, and then puts the back of his hand to her lips.  “It could have been something like this!”  “It wasn’t a hit and go feeling like that” insists Da Ran.  “Then was it like this? While you were drooling…” (wipes his thumb over her lips and pretends to wipe off drool) “It wasn’t a passing feeling like that” Da Ran still insists. ” But then again I didn’t actually see it with my own eyes.”  (then kisses the back of her hand a few times to test it out)  “Something like this?” she asks herself.  Just then Kyung Joon grabs her and kisses her really quickly.  “Was it something like this?”  He asks.  Da Ran stares at him for a second and then replies “Yes.”  She then realizes that Kyung Joon has just kissed her and starts getting mad and yells “You jerk!!  This jerk really?”  And then starts hitting him on his head and he yells “Ah Seriously! Why are you hitting me?  Since you were confused I was trying to clarify things for you!” he then jumps up off the park bench.  “What exactly were you clarifying?  What exactly would a kid like you know?” Da Ran exclaims as she gets up off the bench to come after him.  “What are you doing!  Where?” she yells.  “Don’t, don’t!!” He cries, trying to keep her from kicking him.  “If you keep hitting me I’m going to smack these lips wherever I want!!”  “Are those yours to do what you want?” Da Ran yells back. “What are you so mad about anyway, you kissed your precious Yoon Jae’s lips.  Just assume that since you couldn’t watch the premiere you watched the re-run.  This time your eyes were wide open, so you should have seen it fir sure! Was it good?  Was it really that good?”  He exclaims.  “Are you Yoon Jae?  You’re Kang Kyung Joon.” she says flustered.  “If you already know that, don’t ask me to act like Yoon Jae ever again.  If you touch me I told you that I would mess things up” he replies and starts to walk away.  “Where are you going?”  Da Ran yells after him.  “I’m going home to Kang Kyung Joon’s home!!” he yells back. The scene then fades to another scene.

Okay, whew!!  I know that was a lot of dialogue but it was absolutely adorable and hilarious to watch and since it was fresh in my mind I thought I would share it.  It had me rolling in laughter when I first watched it.  You have to watch the clip I post, because it’s just not the same without seeing Gong Yoo make those amazing facial expressions that he does for this character Kyung Joon.

Here’s the clip, enjoy!!


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