Day 8 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 8 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “What is your favorite line from a female lead?”  I have chosen a line from Lee Chung Ah as Yang Eun Bi in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.  Well I know it seems funny since I keep saying I wasn’t too crazy about this drama, but it had a few good points, and one of them was this line.  I’ll give you a little background first.  Yang Eun Bi is trying to decide between two men who like her (who turn out to be half brothers).  The first being Cha Chi Soo, an immature high school student who is very wealthy and will be the CEO of a successful company, but is bratty and spoiled with not the best personality.  The second being Choi Kang Hyuk, a friend of her late father’s who is older (not too old though, like early 30s I think), has inherited her father’s ramyun shop, and is quirky but very kind and gentle with a wonderful personality.  Though she does end up picking Cha Chi Soo the bratty one, because she cannot help that that is where her heart lies, when she is trying to convince herself and Cha Chi Soo that she should be with Choi Kang Hyuk because he is logically the better fit she says “I don’t want to eat cup ramyun at the convenience store anymore. Ramyun is supposed to be cooked together and shared with someone else for it to taste good.”  It’s such a cute metaphor about sharing her heart with someone, and she is indicating the Kang Hyuk is someone who cooks “real ramyun,” or someone who has an open loving heart.  Even though she doesn’t end up with Kang Hyuk, this is an accurate comparison between the two at this point in the drama and a really great metaphor.  And of course right after with his immature teenage , Cha Chi Soo starts twisting the “ramyun” meaning to be sex instead of her heart and keeps going on about how she’s going to share he “ramyun” with Kang Hyuk and the scene becomes pretty funny.  This was definitely for me one of the shining moments of this drama.  I’ll post a link to a video clip with this scene in it below if you want to watch it. Enjoy!!!


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