Personal Taste

I put off watching this drama for a while because I just didn’t know what to think about it, and it had Lee Min Ho as the male lead and I had only seen him in Boys Over Flowers, and I found his character Joon Pyo to be a little obnoxious with his oddly curled hair and makeup caked face (*gasp*  yes, I know everyone loves Boys Over Flowers but me, it just wasn’t my thing).  However, I finally decided to watch it because it is such a popular drama and people had really good things to say about it, and it turned out they were right.  Lee Min Ho’s character Jeon Jin Ho could not be more different than Joon Pyo of Boys Over Flowers.  I found the drama to be much more mature than BOF, but still hilarious and romantic.  It definitely kept me interested throughout the whole thing.  I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars!!



Park Kae In is a struggling furniture designer who is having a hard time finding her break.  She is overly trusting and always sees the good in people to a fault.  She is constantly wishing she could be a more successful and impressive daughter for her successful architect father, who has been cold and distant since her mother died when she was a little girl.  Her life becomes intertwined with Jeon Jin Ho, a young and upcoming architect and businessmen, when he pretends to be gay so that he can be her roomate in order to find out what makes the house her father designed so special.  He needs the plans to the house in order to replicate it so he can impress her father and win an important business deal.   Jeon Jin Ho pretending to be gay leads them into many awkward and humorous situations along the way.  Kae In confides in Jin Ho as if he were a girlfriend and through this he begins to see who she really is and his feelings for her begin to change, as do hers, only she does not know that he is straight…



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