Thoughts on Big Episode 4… think I am beginning to put the puzzle pieces together…

Okay, if you have seen episode 4, I know there are some moments where you were like “WHHHAAAATTT!!” Lol.  I have from the start been leaning towards team Yoon Jae, and my suspicions that he is in fact a good man and things are more complicated than they originally appeared just keep getting more and more confirmed with each episode.  At the beginning of the episode they showed another cute flashback of him kissing her in the car while she was sleeping.  Yet another indicator that he was (and is) in fact in love with Da Ran.  They also show the flashback of when he asked her to marry him.  When I was watching this, it was on one of those videos that have the annoying comments from random viewers flashing at the top of the screen, and they were all like “That seems fishy that he was just like ‘I think I will have to responsibility for your life.'”  I’m sorry, but I will just flat out say it, YOU ARE WRONG ANNOYING COMMENTORS!!  The way he said it was totally adorable and the look on his face was like a lovesick puppy.  It was genuine and super cute on top of that.  Kyung Joon (as Yoon Jae) also received a mysterious phone call from his mother who said she was supposed to meet him.  Hmmmm… there was also talk about Kyung Joon’s father who he apparently does not know.  I read on another person’s blog that they think Yoon Jae is Kyung Joon’s older brother and that the reason he had a packed suitcase and a passport was to go to America to find him because his mother had just told him about him.  This is definitely my prediction as well.  I would also like to address something else that the annoying commenters brought up about b*tch doctor woman.  They kept saying “If he loved Da Ran, why didn’t he just give back the key?”  Well let’s see… HE GOT IN A CAR ACCIDENT AND SWITCHED BODIES WITH KYUNG JOON!!!  Hello!!!  When b*tch doctor lady first ran into Kyung Joon (in Yoon Jae’s body) she asked “Do you have what I gave you earlier?”  This means it was the first time she had seen Yoon Jae since she gave him the key (however she gave it, I’m guessing the text Da Ran read about what was in the black tea she gave him was how he got the key, she dropped it in the container, so he didn’t actually get it form her in person).  So he didn’t have a chance to talk to her about it yet because Da Ran called and he went to meet her and then got in the accident on the way.  That is what I firmly believe happened with the key situation.  Some of the commenters also suggested maybe Yoon Jae is Kyung Joon’s father.  I am thinking it’s more likely that he’s his brother because I’m pretty sure they said he was 33, so he would have had to had Kyung Joon when he was 15.  It is possible, but in kdramas which are in general so much cleaner than American dramas, I don’t see them depicting him as 15 year old dad out of wedlock, but I guess I could be wrong.  Since Kyung Joon just lost his mother, I think Da Ran is going to become that mother figure for him.  So anyway those are my current thoughts and predictions on Big.  It is still the best drama I have watched in so long!!  I think it’s climbing its way up there with Coffee Prince and Gumiho for me.  If you have not started watching this drama yet, WATCH IT!!!


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Big Episode 4… think I am beginning to put the puzzle pieces together…

  1. Yeah, I really didn’t think the taking responsibility thing seemed fishy either. If it is fishy I’m putting my money on him being conflicted because he’s guilty about something else? I really don’t know, this drama is so unpredictable so far!

    • Well I’m thinking that the reason why he appeared guilty has something to do with Kyung Joon being wither his brother. If he was planning to go find him, maybe he wanted him to live with him and wasn’t sure how she would feel about it since they were going to be newly weds, Or maybe he wanted to postpone the wedding because of all of the family drama. But I’m thinking it has something to do with that rather than b*tch doctor woman like the writers originally made us think in the beginning.

  2. At some point I also thought about Da Ran just being Kyung Joon’s mother figure, but I still can’t get that hug from episode 4 out of my head – I think he is falling in love with Da Ran. Also the meeting of Yoon Jae’s family on Kyung Joon’s birthday is kinda fishy – and the uncle saying that Kyung Joon’s father isn’t in a position of reveling that he is the father is also fishy – I’m more and more thinking about Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon being brothers

    • Kyung Joon definitely does have feelings for her, but I am still not convinved she has feelings for him in that way, and I definitely think that Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon are brothers.

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