The Vineyard Man

So I don’t hear about this drama very much, however I watched it because it had Yoon Eun Hye in it, and it is certainly a hidden gem.  It was amazing!!  In fact, in retrospect I think it really should be higher on my top 10 list.  It was probably the funniest drama I have seen to date.  The laughter never ended on that show.  It also had really funny music to match the mood.  When it wasn’t cracking me up, this drama was making me go “Awwwww!”  It was so sweet and genuine!!  You really felt like these could be two real people falling in love on this drama.  The characters were more realistic and less bat sh*t crazy than most other character in other dramas.  I would definitely tell anyone to watch it.  5 out of 5 stars for me!!


Lee Ji Hyun is a fashion designer who is very talented, but has her designs stolen by another designer.  When she first meets Jang Taek Gi she has been literally stripped of her clothes by thieves and in a crazed panic tries to take his from him so that she won’t have to run around town naked. Because of this Taek Gi takes her to be a crazy pervert at first and the two have a very tumultuous relationship starting out.  Later on, Ji Hyun’s family finds out that her Great Uncle wants to will her his vineyard if she comes and works for a year.  Seeing the dollar signs in their future, they send a reluctant Ji Hyun off to work with the grapes.  Upon arriving Ji Hyun finds that she will not be the only one living on the vineyard with her uncle.  In fact, the man that works for him is none other than Jang Taek Gi.  Her uncle then asks him to take care of her and teach her how to work in the vineyard and take care of the grape vines.  The two of them then develop a love hate relationship that will keep you laughing with their goofy interactions and crazy antics. But as Ji Hyun learns to put hard work and sweat into caring for the vineyard, her love for it grows along with her love for Jang Taek Gi.


8 thoughts on “The Vineyard Man

      • Omgh. The Vineyard Man isn’t winning the award for absolute best K-drama in my book, but it is SO ADORABLE! Also it’s hilarious. I just finished watching it and I’m so glad I did.

      • It does not necessarily have the most profound plot, it’s no Coffee Prince lol, but I loved it so much for the very reasons you just said, it was heart warming and adorable and very very funny. Sometimes it’s a refreshing break from all the angst to just watch a cute and funny one like The Vineyard Man. I’m glad you liked it!!

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