Mary Stayed Out All Night

I watched this drama on Hulu

I didn’t expect to like this drama as much as I did.  It was very sweet and funny.  Definitely a fun and light hearted drama (though it has its sad moments).  Mary’s character was super ditzy and I know some people don’t like that about her, but I thought she was adorable.  Of course her and Kang Moo Kyul were like opposites so it was funny watching them interact and fight and make up.  They make Kim Jae Wook look like a vampire in this drama though.  He kind of freaked me out lol.  But overall, I would give this drama 4 out of 5 stars, definitely worth watching!!


Mary is a sweet and innocent girl who lives with her father, who she loves very much.  One day she accidentally almost ran over a rock musician, Kang Moo Kyul, and quickly befriends him afterward despite his prickly demeanor.  Her father has a lot of money problems and owes money to loan sharks that are constantly after them.  When he meets an old friend, the friend offers to settle his debts if he will arrange for Mary to well, marry her son, Byung Jun In.  Mary is not so happy about being forced into marriage and so she ropes her new friend Kang Moo Kyul into pretending that they have eloped and he is her husband.  However, instead of just changing his mind, her father asks her to sign a contract in which she has to evenly divide her time between the two men for 100 days and then decide who she wants to marry at the end of that period.  At first, Jung In is not so excited about being forced into marriage either, but after meeting Mary he begins to fall for her   Having to keep this lie up becomes more complicated than Mary thought and as she spends more time with Kang Moo Kyul her feelings towards him begin to change…

So cute together!!


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