Day 5 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge…

Day 5 of the 30 day kdrama challenge is “Who is your favorite female second lead?”  This one was really difficult and really took some thought because they majority of female second leads are not very likable in any way.  They are usually hoish, sneaky b*tches who will do any outrageous thing to get what they want.  However, after some thought, I came up with one that wasn’t all that bad,  Lee Min Jung as Ha Jae Kyung on Boys Over Flowers.  She was super desperate, and that was not becoming of her at all, but she had a kind heart and usually tried to do right by Joon Pyo and Jan Di, you actually had to kind of feel sorry for her.  When she first appeared on the drama, she saved Jan Di from a bunch of muggers (boy was Jan Di the biggest damsel in distress I’ve ever seen, being constantly saved by men and women lol).  When I saw that I remember thinking “Who is this girl?  She’s pretty cool.”  Unfortunately she ended up being Joon Pyo’s arranged finace, so was therefore Jan Di’s rival in love.  She did however for the most part try to keep her dignity in tact and be friendly towards Jan Di, and I think genuinely wanted to be her friend.  And of course as we all know, in the end she did the right thing and bowed out and allowed them to be together of her own free will, which was a very cool thing for a female second lead to do.  Got to give credit where it’s due, Ha Jae Kyung was a million times better than the rest!!



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