Day 3 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 3 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “Who is your favorite female lead?”  Well, if you’ve been following my posts, I’m sure you’ve already guessed it lol.  Yoon Eun Hye as  Go Eun Chan from Coffee Prince is one, but I also really love Shin Min Ah as Gu Mi Ho in My girlfriend is a Gumiho.

It’s really the characters that make a drama so lovable.  Many of them have somewhat similar plot lines, but the interaction of the characters is really what draws me in.  Eun Chan was so quirky and marched to the beat of her own drummer, she was herself and nobody else for sure!! At times during the show she was so funny I thought I was going to pee myself because I was laughing so hard at her antics. She also had a lot of really admirable qualities such as she was very hard working, sacrificed so much of her youth to support her family, and genuinely cared about the lives and feelings of everyone around her.  She was also hella tough and could beat up most of the men on the show lol.  I really admired her for not caring that she didn’t look like other girls, and that in itself made her so beautiful!!

I couldn’t help but fall in love with Gu Mi Ho’s character.  She was so innocent and adorable as she was trying to learn about the new world around her that had changed so much while she was locked away in that painting.  She also was very playful and had a great sense of humor and really reminded me of a young child sometimes because of it.  She was also so dedicated to Cha Dae Woong.  It was like she was a sweet little puppy following him to the ends of the earth and would always put him before herself.  Shin Min Ah, the actress who played her, is also absolutely gorgeous!!  She had those dimples in her cheeks that helped add to the cuteness of the character :P.


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