Cinderella’s Sister

I mainly watched this drama because Moon Geun Young is in it and I loved her in Mary Stayed Out All Night.  She is absolutely gorgeous in this drama and does do an awesome acting job (her part couldn’t be more different than the part she played din Mary Stayed Out All Night).  However, unfortunately this was not the drama for me.  There was way too much turmoil, crying, depression, and angst for me.  Although, some of you may love that, I know a lot of people really do.  So if you enjoy the most dramatic dramas, then this is definitely the one for you lol!!



Song Eun Jo has lived a very rough life with her horribly selfish and dysfunctional mother.  She has been moved from place to place because her mom just uses different people and men to get by while she can.  By chance, her mother finally meets a really kind, upstanding, and fairly wealthy man that marries her.  The man runs a winery and lives there with his workers and his young daughter.  Eun Jo is forced to come live there against her will and you watch as she fights against opening her heart up to anyone there and accepting them as family despite their kindness.  Eun Jo makes an enemy of her step-sister through her stubborn harshness and unwillingness to accept her new family, and that relationship becomes a source of turmoil throughout the rest of the show.  Eun Jo’s one solace is a factory worker  that her new step-father took in, Hong Ki-Hoon.  He becomes her tutor and makes a point to be there for her and try to open her cold and closed off heart.  But when Ki-Hoon suddenly leaves to go to the army and Eun Jo’s sister realizes her love for him as well, what was once solace becomes another source of pain for her.  When he eventually returns 8 years later things get really complicated between them, her family and his, and the winery that she now helps her step-father run.  Plenty of drama ensues, and I mean PLENTY!!!



2 thoughts on “Cinderella’s Sister

  1. Thanks for the compliment. Sorry that I am just now responding. Somehow your comment got caught in my spam and I just figured out how to check that lol. I am learning about blogging as I go.

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