1st Episode of Big…

I am currently watching this drama on Hulu

I just started watching Big yesterday.  I saw a blurb online about it and it sounded interesting, and plus as you know if you’ve read other posts on my blog I’m obsessed with Coffee Prince and Goo Yong plays the male lead in it and I have never seen any other dramas with him in it other than Coffee Prince so I thought I’d give it a shot.  I have only seen the first episode, but man what a first episode it was!!  It already has me totally sucked in!!  I hope the rest of it is as good as the first episode.  Goo Yong’s acting was still as awesome as I remember it being in Coffee Prince.  I will probably be watching another drama at the same time as this one since Big is still currently airing so I will have to wait for new episodes to come out and be subtitled, so it will take me a while to watch it, but I will keep you posted!!

What happened in the first episode…

Gil Da-ran is an ordinary woman who was delivering a wedding bouquet to a bride when she gets a call that the bouquet was accidentally switched.  In an effort to get the bouquet back, Da-ran tries to catch it when the bride throws it for all the single women.  When jumping to catch it, she accidentally bumps in a man and falls down a ton of stairs and breaks her tailbone and has to go to the hospital.  The story then skips ahead to the not so distant future where she is healed and engaged to marry the man who caused her to fall, because coincidentally he was a doctor and took care of her injuries and they began dating and so on.  She meets a young man, Kang Keon-joon on the bus and accidentally takes his umbrella when she gets off.  They have some funny banter about who took who’s umbrella and whether or not he was staring at her on the bus because he liked her.  Kang Keon-joon is Korean, but has been living in America most of his life so comes across as rude because he is rich, spoiled, and also does not yet understand a lot of Korean culture and manners.  Come to find out that the high school Gil Da-ran just started teaching at is the high school that Kang Keon-joon has just transferred to and she ends up being his teacher.  Kang Keon-joon happens to hear a conversation where she is on the phone with Seo Yoon-jae (her finace) and is upset and crying because he always seems too busy to see her and she thinks that he is trying to avoid her and is marrying her not because he loves her, but because he felt sorry for causing her injuries and wants to take responsibility.  She tells him all of this and then tells him that if he doesn’t love her that he doesn’t have to marry her and hangs up.  After hanging up she immediately regrets what she said and starts to attempt to call him and take it back, but Kang Keon-joon takes her phone away from her and drives her to a remote place to talk to her and convinces her it is a good thing that she said it and she should not take it back.  Seo Yoon-jae then calls her back and says he wants to meet her face to face so that he can discuss it with her.  Hearing this Keon-joon leaves so that they can meet and talk alone.  On the way the two men cross paths and get in a car accident with each other and are both taken to the hospital.  Seo Yoon-jae is seemingly dead and Kang Keon-joon is in a coma.  However, when Kang Keon-joon wakes up he is not in his own body, but Seo Yoon-jae’s!!  When Gil Da-ran sees him she is overjoyed because she thought her fiance was dead, but is very confused when he starts telling her that he is not Seo Yoon-jae, but Kang Keon-joon in Seo Yoon-jae’s body.  At first she does not believe him and thinks something is wrong with his head from the accident, but after he is able to recall things he wouldn’t be able to unless he really was Kang Keon-joon, she finally realizes it’s the truth.

Whew, that was a long description, but for this one I wanted you guys to see how crazy intense and awesome this first episode was.  I would definitely give it a try and watch it.  It would give me people to discuss it with too!

Here’s a link to another summary of Big and they put up lots of pics form the episode too in case you’re interested



2 thoughts on “1st Episode of Big…

  1. hi there^^
    visit your blog and read this post~
    i also watch this drama, and agree with you that the first episode already make me fall in love with it!
    Kyung Joon is cute XD
    ppoing~ ppoing~~ LOL
    can’t wait the next episodes and Suzy to came up on this drama
    also curious how the ending will be 😀

    anyway, try watch Gentleman’s Dignity too! i can say that Gentleman’s Dignity is on my top list now~
    well, dunno if we have the same thing or not, just give it a try 🙂

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