You know it’s a Kdrama if…

Just to be humorous I decided to compile a list of things that you see over and over again in kdramas.  If you watch them a lot I know you will laugh with me.

  • There is a love triangle
  • The nice guy doesn’t get the girl
  • Someone is hospitalized for fatigue and/or spraining an ankle
  • A girl falls in the water and has to be saved
  • There is a or multiple bathroom scenes
  • Someone has to be saved from being hit by a car
  • There is an airport scene where someone is trying to stop the other person from leaving
  • There is a crying scene at least every other episode

Post and add to the list if you have any good ones!!!


3 thoughts on “You know it’s a Kdrama if…

  1. Hehe I’m glad you pointed out this post. Dramas really do have a lot of recurring motif/gimmicks. In Filipinovelas, there are a lot of birth secrets, seriously makjang level issues.
    But back to kdramas, here’s another one:
    The lead guy is always still hung up on his first love. And the witch is always supposed to fall for the guy *just* when said guy is starting to notice our heroine!

  2. Nice list. I wonder why there are so many bathroom scenes, watching the character from overhead sitting and thinking. Does it represent privacy in a society that is not used to any? Very entertaining!

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