Secret Garden

I watched this drama on

I really LOVED this drama.  It had the right amount of humor, angst, and warm and fuzzy moments.  Plus it had the mystical/magical element to it that made it a little more different and fun than a lot of dramas.  You also got to see some great action scenes due to the main character’s stunt job.  Gil Ra Im was an awesome female lead character!  She was strong and talented and the actress who played her was absolutely gorgeous despite her tom boyish portrayal in this role.  Would definitely highly recommend this drama.  Gets 5 out of 5 stars for me!!


Gil Ra Im is a dedicated stunt woman who is very talented, but being a stunt double doesn’t pay much and she barely scrapes by.  One day Kim Joo Won, the egocentric CEO of a large hotel/department store business confuses her for the main actress in a film.  He is mesmerized while watching her do her stunt work.  After this he cannot leave her alone, though he resents her and himself for being attracted to a poor, tom boyish working class woman.  Though attracted to one another, the two seem to not be able to understand each other and the different worlds they live in until their bodies are magically switched and they have no choice but to walk in each other’s shoes.  You get to see the ups and downs of their relationship and how it grows and changes through the midst of love triangles, family drama, and seeing the world through one another’s eyes, litterally.


That’s one tough looking girl!!


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