Cinderella’s Sister

Annoying sister, see I swear she’s bug eyed!!

So right now I am watching Cinderella’s Sister.  So far it’s pretty good, very dramatic and angsty, but still good.  Usually I prefer a dramedy to one that is so angsty, but for some reason I really like the main character Eun Jo, even though she is the biggest b*tch ever.  The main actress is Moon Geun Young, who also played in Mary Stayed Out All Night.  She is a GREAT actress because she plays both parts very well but the characters could not be more different from each other.  I think she is really uniquely beautiful and that really comes out in this drama.  On the flipside, the actress that plays her sister is super annoying.  I saw her in another drama, Tamra Island, and she was equally annoying.  Given, her character is meant to be annoying and bratty, it’s not just that though,  it’s her voice!!  It is so obnoxious!!  Does anyone else think she is bug eyed?  Anyway, so far I would recommend this drama, plus Taecyeon is great to look at!! Am I right ladies?  LOL.  We’ll see how I feel about Cinderella’s sister once I’m finished watching it, but right now I’d give it about a 3.5 out of 5.

So pretty!!

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